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List of Co-Operative Banks in India

1. In States

1.1 Andhra Pradesh
1.2 Arunachal Pradesh
1.3 Assam
1.4 Bihar
1.5 Chhattisgarh
1.6 Goa
1.7 Gujarat
1.8 Haryana
1.9 Himachal Pradesh
1.10 Jammu and Kashmir
1.11 Jharkhand
1.12 Karnataka
1.13 Kerala
1.14 Madhya Pradesh
1.15 Maharashtra
1.16 Rajasthan
1.17 Sikkim
1.18 Tamil Nadu
1.19 Tripura
1.20 Uttarakhand
1.21 Uttar Pradesh
1.22 West Bengal

2. In Union Territories

2.1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
2.2 Chandigarh
2.3 Dadra and Nagar Haveli
2.4 Daman and Diu
2.5 Lakshadweep
2.6 Pondicherry
2.7 National Capital Territory of Delhi

In States

Andhra Pradesh

  • Eluri co-operative bank.
  • Andhra Pradesh Mahesh Co-Op Urban Bank Ltd.
  • Charminar Coop.Urban Bank Ltd.
  • Vasavi Coop Urban Bank Limited.
  • Mulkanoor co-operative Rural Bank and Marketing Society Ltd.,

Arunachal Pradesh
  • The Arunachal Pradesh State co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.

  • The Assam Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.


  • The Bihar State Co-Operative Bank Ltd. The Motihari Central Cooperative Bank Limited

  • The Chhattisgarh RajyaSahakari Bank Maryadit


  • The Bicholim Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • The Goa state co-operative bank ltd.
  • The Margao Urban co-operative bank ltd
  • Candolin Urban Co-operative Credit Society
  • Citizen Co-op Bank
  • Goa Urban Co-operative Bank
  • Goan Peoples Urban Co-op Bank
  • Saraswat Co-op Bank
  • Shamrao Vithal Co-op Bank
  • Womens Co-operative Bank

  • Valsad District Central Co-operative Banks Ltd
  • Textile Traders Co-operative Bank Ltd
  • Navnirman Co-operative Bank Ltd
  • Mahesana Nagrik Co-operative Bank Ltd
  • Nagrik Bank LTD. (Rajkot)
  • Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank Ltd.
  • Junagadh Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • Amreli Dist Co-Operative Bank Ltd.
  • Surat national co-operative bank Lt

  • The Haryana State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.

Himachal Pradesh

  • Kangra Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • Jogindra Co-operative Bank

Jammu and Kashmir
  • The Jammu and Kashmir State Co-operative Bank Ltd.


  • Sirsi Urban Bank
  • Suco Bank
  • The Karnataka State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd
  • Guardian Souharda Sahakari Bank Niyamitha


  • Kerala State Co-Op Bank
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Trivandrum (Thiruvanandapuram)
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Quilon (Kollam)
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Pathanamthitta
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Alleppey (Alapuzha)
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Kottayam
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Idukki
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Ernakulam
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Trichur
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Palghat (palakkade)
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Malappuram
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Calicut (Kozhikode)
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Wayanad
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Cannannore (Kannur)
  • Dist. Co-Op Bank,Kasargode
  • Pala Urban Co-Op Bank
  • Cherpulasseri Service Co-op Bank
  • Cheruthazham Service Co-Op Bank
  • Ottapalam Co-op Bank, Ottapalam
  • Valapuzha Service Co-op Bank
  • The Co-operative Service Bank Limited, Parakode.
  • People's Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd, Thrippunithura
  • Madappally Service Co-operative Bank Ltd. Kottayam District. Estd. 1920.
  • Kottakkal Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd, Kottakkal, Malappuram Dist
  • Kanakkary Service Co-op Bank
  • Pallippurathusserry Service Co-op Bank

Madhya Pradesh
  • The Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank The Mananthavady Farmers Service Co.operative bank ltd. Mananthavady; Wayanad


  • The Nasik District Central Co-op Bank Ltd., Nasik.
  • The Bassein Catholic Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Papdy, Vasai.
  • Abhyudaya Co-op. Bank Ltd.
  • Bharat Co-op. Bank Ltd.
  • The Deccan Merchants Co-operative Bank Ltd., Mumbai
  • Kodoli Urban Co-op. Bank Ltd. Kodoli.(erstwhile Nagari Sahkari Bank Kodoli)
  • Shri Balbhim Coop Bank Ltd., Kolhapur
  • The Maharashtra State Co-op Bank Ltd
  • Shree Warana Sahakari Bank Ltd. Warananagar
  • Solapur Siddheshwar Sahakari Bank, Solapur
  • Solapur janta Sahakari Bank, Solapur
  • Saraswat Co-Op Bank
  • Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd
  • Vasantdada Shetkari Sahakari Bank Ltd.,Sangli
  • Shamrao Vitthal Cooperative Bank
  • Samarth Sahakari Bank, Solapur
  • Punjab and Maharashtra cooperative bank ltd
  • Panchaganga Sahakari Bank, Kolhapur
  • Dwarkadas Mantri Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd.,Beed
  • Deogiri Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited, Aurangabad
  • Ajintha Urban Co-operative Bank Limited, Aurangabad
  • Lokvikas Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited, Aurangabad
  • The Akola Urban Co-operative Bank Limited, Akola
  • Autangabad District Central Co-operative Bank Limited, Aurangabad
  • Adarsha Mahila Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited, Aurangabad
  • Abhinav Co-operative Bank
  • Dombivli Co-operativ Bank
  • The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Limited, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Nanded district co-operative Bank.Nanded,Maharastra
  • The Nagar Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd,Ahmednagar
  • Shahar Sahakari Bank Ltd, Ahmednagar
  • The Ahmednagar Merchnats Co-operative Bank Ltd,Ahmednagar
  • The Bhingar Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd,Ahmednagar
  • The Rajapur Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd.Rajapur (Ratnagiri)
  • Vikas Sahakari Bank Ltd., Solapur
  • Vita Merchant Co-Operative Bank Ltd. Vita
  • Vyapari Sahakari Bank Ltd., Solapur
  • Mammandir Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Vita
  • Mahesh Sahakari Bank Ltd., Solapur
  • The Pandharpur Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Pandharpur
  • The Pandharpur Merchants Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Pandharpurar
  • Ahmednagar District Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Ahmednagar
  • Bhingar Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd.,Bhingar,Ahmednagar
  • Thane Janata Sahakari Bank, Thane
  • Wai Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd., Wai, Satara
  • The vita urban co op. bank ltd,vita ,sangki

  • The Rajasthan State Co-operative Bank Ltd. integral co op bank jaipur central co-operative bank


  • The Sikkim State Co-operative Bank Ltd.

Tamil Nadu
  • The Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • The Shamarao Vital Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • Chennai Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • Tripura
  • The Tripura State Co-operative Bank Ltd. this is good privatise co operative bank but please trust it in your self


  • Pithoragarh Gramin Bank.
  • Dist. Sahkarita Bank.

Uttar Pradesh


West Bengal
  • The West Bengal State Co-operative Bank Ltd.


Anonymous said... at September 24, 2009 at 11:44 AM

Good Data, still a lot of Banks to be added in the list in Maharashtra i am knowing, also few banks which were performing from last many years have now got merged with some other banks or RBI have cancelled their banking lincence, those have also to be included in the list and highlighted/indicated seperately.

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